Florida Hospital Training Center


Making it easier for Healthcare Providers to receive their AHA certifications


1. Project Setting

Our Client 

Florida Hospital Training Center (FHTC) administers courses for local healthcare providers to receive and renew certifications required to do their job. Their website serves as a portal for students to enroll in these courses, and for FHTC administrators to coordinate each session.


  • 1 Account Manager
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Strategist / QA Analyst (that's me!) 
  • 1 Visual Designer
  • 3 Developers

The challenge

Build a new course portal that would make it easier for...

  • Students to learn about course offerings, enroll in a session and review their past enrollments.
  • Admins to manage course and session content, assign instructors and record grades / attendance per enrollee.

My Role

I led the research, UX / IA strategy, feature definition, user acceptance testing, and client training.  I collaborated closely with the development lead to identify the database structure and discuss functionality details. 

The account manager and project manager managed client communication and project timeline / budget, respectively. The visual designer created the style guide and designed the visual UI elements. The 3 developers, including the dev lead, handled the client-side and server-side build and deployment. 


2. Project Approach

Discovery AND Research

To fully understand the problems FHTC experienced with their previous Drupal system we held stakeholder interviews. During this time we aimed to understand their workflows, business processes, and their student-reported issues / observations. With this knowledge, I performed brief landscape research to see how other AHA providers presented their courses offerings and sessions.

Quotes from Discovery: 


"Students never remember what to bring to class."


"They [students] never find what they're looking for, and often sign up for the wrong course."


"Most of our admins work in spreadsheets and constantly update the system."



Usability Analysis

The image to the right is a screenshot from their previous site. There was no doubt that there was an abundance of formatting and tons of content to work with. Within the first week of the project, I performed a brief Usability Analysis. I identified issues that conflicted with Nielsen's 10 usability heuristics.

The top three heuristics that were identified as "Needs Attention" were: 

  • Aesthetic and Minimalist Design
  • Flexibility and Efficiency of Use
  • Consistency and Standards
 FHTC's previous home page. And yes, it scrolls down even more! 

FHTC's previous home page. And yes, it scrolls down even more! 


Information Architecture

To further dig into the content management and organization issue, we performed a content audit and analysis to better understand the content objects and their relations to one another. I used Airtable as a tool to organize the content audit and serve as the method of content gathering. With Airtable's API, we were able to seed the data directly into the site's database. 

User Story Mapping AND PROCESS FLOWS

With all the information from research and content analysis, we had an accurate picture of their processes and what the system needed. We created a user story map and followed-up the more complex stories with process flows.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 12.27.07 AM.png

Feature Definition and user acceptance testing

I collaborated closely with the designer to ensure that all design mocks carried out the defined features. User stories and their acceptance criteria were documented in Confluence for the team to reference. I worked closely with the development team to ensure that stories were development ready. 

While features were completed, I performed story testing and browser / device testing. Then the features were released to the client for user acceptance testing. During this process, I handled any discrepancy resolutions. 


3. Project Outcome

The new portal for course enrollment and management has a much consistent and organized look to match the professional atmosphere of Florida Hospital. Below are some of the highlighted features to address the issues FHTC was having. 

for Students

  • Find content faster
    • Clear 'Find Class' user funnel
    • Organized and consistent course details 
  • Error-Prevention & Reminders
    • Required acknowledgement of course pre-reqs
    • Auto-reminders for upcoming courses & expiring certifications 
  • Class and Certification Management
    • Certificate / Class History in Portal
    • Easy Cancellation Process

Admin Experience

  • Less Managing Spreadsheets! 
    • Review process flow for enrollments  & cancellations
    • One-click grading and attendance
    • Assigning Instructors feature beta
  • Real-time Class Management
    • Multiple admins can manage one session in real-time
    • Cancel-at-the-door process
  • Organized Content Management
    • All data only lives in one place to be updated
    • WYSIWYGs to update content sections
  • Easy Finding Enrollments
    • User Search (complete enrollment history)

4. Further Improvements

The first version of FHTC Course Portal is a solid scalable foundation for more improvements yet to come. In the future, we are looking to build in a more robust instructor availability / scheduling feature, a bulk session creation tool, and a one-click renew certification for returning students.